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Teams For Troops allocates donations to fund care-packages from sports teams and their fans to deployed military personnel. The care-packages include necessity items such as toiletries and snacks, as well as sports memorabilia, like jerseys and equipment. Additionally, when the troops return to the United States, they will be given the opportunity to attend sporting events with their families, free of charge. Furthermore, Teams For Troops promotes research concerning traumatic brain injuries, which is a growing issue for veterans and athletes alike.

Jordan Thompson and Josh Pagonis met as enlisted soldiers at Basic Infantry Training in 2010. Since then, they have both been advocates for veterans issues. When Jordan met Michael Krause in 2015, they knew they could use their passion and knowledge to address veterans issues at home and abroad. The three men established Teams For Troops in 2015 and are excited to provide care-packages to those in need. Since its inception, Teams For Troops has brought on other professionals with military and athletic backgrounds. Together, our staff makes up a coordinated effort to fulfill our mission at hand.


Founder Emeritus – Jordan Thompson: As a graduate of The University of Alabama, a school known for its NCAA National Championships, sports are nothing new to Jordan. As an Infantry Executive Officer and prior Heavy Weapons Platoon Leader in the Army National Guard, he also understands how much care-packages are appreciated. Jordan holds a law degree from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and began working in wealth management in 2017. While still in the Army National Guard, he plans to make the switch from Infantry to JAG, with his ultimate goal being to work in politics as an advocate for veterans affairs on local, state and federal levels.
Treasurer – Josh Pagonis: Josh is a graduate of Baylor University. Throughout his life, Josh has been active in athletics, both competitively and for recreation. Now as an Infantry Officer in the National Guard, Josh serves as a Stryker Infantry Platoon Leader. Conversely, he works in the civilian sector as a Business Development Director for veteran owned businesses. Josh plans on staying within combat arms service in the military, attaining his MBA/JD and continuing his entrepreneurial pursuits. His focus is hiring veterans in order to show the civilian sector what our service members offer with their leadership attributes, military mindset and training.
Secretary – Michael Krause: A Marine Officer, active from 2005-2010, Mike deployed to Afghanistan as an embedded trainer with the Afghan Army from 2007-2008 in Kunar Province and the Korengal valley. Mike left Active duty as a Captain and became a Maritime Security Contractor off Somalia before becoming a Contractor with the Department of State in Iraq. Mike started a government contracting company in 2012 and now holds a law degree from the University of Alabama, and an LLM from UCLA, with a  focus on Agency Law as an advocate for veterans.
Outreach – Kayla Manthey: In 2008, Kayla made the decision to leave modeling and pageants to pursue a career as a Medic in the Air Force. Currently, she is attached to a Special Operations Unit as an Independent Duty Medical Technician while pursuing her degree in Intelligence Studies, with emphasis on Counterterrorism. Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury herself, Kayla began advocating for veterans and athletes who are also suffering similar injuries and struggles. Additionally, Kayla spends time spreading awareness about Veteran Suicide, a common side-effect of Traumatic Brain Injuries. She plans to continue her military career with anticipation to commission as an Intelligence Officer.
Public Affairs – Caleb Castille: ​Born in Columbus, Georgia, home of Fort Benning’s Maneuver Center of Excellence, Caleb Castille grew up in one of Alabama’s leading football family dynasties. Two generations of Caleb’s family played football at the University of Alabama and went on to play in the NFL. In 2010, Caleb became the third Castille brother in 10 years to go on to play football for the legendary Crimson Tide. In 2010, Caleb landed himself a position as cornerback, eventually playing on back-to-back national championship teams. However, in the spring of 2013, Caleb stepped away from football to pursue another dream – acting. His dream paid off; Caleb can be seen starring in the lead role as Tony Nathan in “Woodlawn”, a high school football drama co-starring Sean Astin and Jon Voight. “Woodlawn” hit theaters in October of 2015.
Ethics and Compliance Chair – Joey Gomez: Born in Miami, Florida, Joey grew up participating in and enjoying sports. Having friends and family members who serve and have served in the military, Joey has a good understanding of what families and military personnel go through during and after deployment. He is a firm believer in supporting those who have placed their lives on the line for our great country. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from Florida International University and a law degree from the Cumberland School of Law.
Fundraising Coordinator – Cheyenne Sanchez: Born in Decatur, Alabama, Cheyenne grew up in a home dedicated to serving others. A majority of Cheyenne’s family have served in the US Military, giving her a sense of respect and honor for those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. She attended the University of Alabama and served on the Recruitment Team, securing the number one Football Recruiting Class in the Nation. Cheyenne moved to Birmingham during the middle of college to battle and win her fight against thyroid cancer. Once cancer free, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She was then brought on as a Loaned Officer for United Way of Central Alabama and lives by the phrase, “success is determined by how many people are better off because you lived.”

With your help and donations, we can put our care packages together.

In addition to funding care-packages, a portion of your donation goes to events and programs for victims of traumatic brain injuries; a growing issue for veterans and athletes alike.